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A strong oral health foundation begins early. Beginning dental appointments at a young age helps to ensure your child’s mouth and gums are healthy and their teeth develop properly.

When to Book Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Once your child’s primary teeth start coming through, it’s time to book their first dental visit. Children’s first teeth generally start coming in around six months of age.  We encourage parents to schedule their child’s first visit to our dental practice between six months and one year.

At six months old, a first dental visit may seem premature, but these visits can provide many benefits for your child’s teeth long into the future. We can advise parents on how to clean their children’s teeth as they come in, offer preventative care and treat any dental issues.

In addition to the oral health benefits, early dental visits help kids feel more comfortable at our paediatric dental practice.

What to Expect During Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Our objective for this first dental visit is to make it as easy and positive for your child as possible. When a child visits our dental practice for the first time, they may feel anxious and afraid. We want them to feel comfortable before they walk through our door. This ensures more co-operation during the exam and less stress to them on future visits.

Your child’s first dental visit starts with a simple consultation and assessment with one of our paediatric dentists. We discuss the state of their oral health and any concerns parents have about caring for their child’s teeth. We’ll talk about any habits they have such as thumb-sucking and how these habits impact a child’s teeth. We’ll also show you some effective techniques on how to best clean children’s teeth.

The first visit includes a detailed examination. If we notice any problem areas, we’ll advise parents on treatment options to correct these issues. We will carry out urgent treatment during the first dental visit if their oral health warrants immediate intervention.

What Do Parents Do During Their Child’s First Dental Appointment?

For younger patients under the age of three, we require a parent in the room during examinations, cleanings, and other dental treatments. We may ask parents to sit in the dental chair with their child on their lap. This helps the child feel more comfortable with the parent close by.

We treat children over the age of three by themselves. Parents may sit in full view of the treatment in an adjoining room to observe the appointment. We respectfully ask that parents do not take an active role during treatments. After age three, we prefer for the communication to be between our dental hygienists, paediatric dentists, and the patient. We will, of course, keep you informed of the status of your child’s oral health and get your consent before starting any dental treatment.

Many studies show a clear link between the dental anxieties of a parent and their child. We aim to minimise opportunities for parents to pass along their own phobias of the dentist and dental treatments. Children who become anxious in the dental chair make treatments harder for themselves, which compounds at each visit to our office.

Tips for Preparing Your Child for Their First Dental Appointment

We’re excited to welcome your little one to our paediatric dental practice. Help set the tone for your child’s first visit with some preparation tips from our team. We want kids to feel at ease when they come to see us. Keep reading for tips on helping your child have a great first dental visit.


1. Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Appointment

Children can get nervous when they don’t know what to expect. We want them to feel comfortable about sitting in the dental chair. Before they visit our dental practice, talk to your child about why everyone should visit the dentist and how dentists help. Let them know what to expect, that the dentist will look inside their mouth and help them keep their teeth clean and strong. A bit of understanding may help alleviate some of their apprehension.

2. Choose a Favourable Appointment Time

Try to book your child’s first dental appointment when they are usually in a good mood and attentive. The best time for younger children tends to be in the mornings. Try to avoid later appointments for their first few visits. Later in the day, children are often tired, which may impact their first dental experience. Tired children may become a bit moody, which can enhance feelings of dental anxiety.

For older children, early afternoon appointments may work better. You know your child better than anyone. Use your judgment to schedule their dental appointment at a time when they will be in their best, most cooperative mood.

3. Make Sure Your Child is Rested and Fed Before Their First Dental Appointment

Similar to tired children, hungry children may also be moody and less cooperative. Give your child a snack before they come to our dental practice to keep hunger at bay. Children who are fed and well-rested for their first dental appointment tend to have a more pleasant experience.

4. Bring Their Favourite Toy to The Dental Appointment

To help your child feel better about their first dental visit, encourage them to bring a toy along. Having a favourite stuffed friend may make them more comfortable during the visit. We can talk to the child about taking care of their toy’s teeth at home. This may encourage them to brush their toy’s teeth as well as their own.

5. Parents Should Stay Calm

Children pick up on parents’ moods. Staying calm leading up to and during the dental appointment can help your child feel more at ease during their first visit. Children can sense when one of their parents feels anxious about the dentist, It may be more calming for the child to visit the dentist with the parent who is less fearful of the dentist.

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