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Our friendly and professional paediatric dental team supports children who have a fear of going to the dentist.

Dental Fear and Anxiety in Children

Dental fear and anxiety (DFA) can make visits to the dentist scary for children and stressful for parents. This fear is quite common, occurring in 5 to 20 percent of children. DFA may come with physical reactions (crying or screaming) or psychological responses (panic) which contribute to uncooperativeness during dental visits and treatments.

Sources of Children’s Dental Anxiety

Research shows that children’s fear of the dentist can be attributed to:

  • negative treatment experiences with other practitioners,
  • the perceived discomfort of a procedure,
  • being around strangers,
  • or misinformation from parents, siblings or friends.

We encourage regular visits to our paediatric dental practice; it helps children become familiar with us and realise we’re not so scary after all. Our team recognises children’s fears and uncertainties, and we show our understanding with an empathic approach to both you and your child.

The Importance of Addressing Dental Anxiety in Children

The stress of visiting the dentist may prompt uncooperative behaviour in an attempt delay dental treatment. However, delaying treatment only contributes to poor oral health and more intensive treatment down the road. At Weymouth Street Paediatric Dentistry, we’re committed to making our patients comfortable, so they receive the oral care they need.

Our Approach with Nervous Patients

We’re proud to offer a calm paediatric dental environment with a friendly, patient-focused team. Children respond to our approach because we take time to ensure they are comfortable before a treatment starts. We take the time to tell children what they can expect from their appointment—including the sounds and sensations they will experience. With our experience treating nervous children, we’ve learned that predictability puts them more at ease and makes them more likely to tolerate a treatment.

Our Paediatric Dentists Tell Children What to Expect

Communication and trust with our patients is important to us. We take the time to talk to children, ask them why they’re afraid or nervous, acknowledge, and address those fears. In some cases, we may use a parent in a demonstration so a child can see what we’ll be doing. We’ll agree on a signal that a child can use if they feel overwhelmed, giving them the security of having some control. We show children the tools we use and explain what they do to ease your child’s concerns.

We believe helping children deal with dental situations, even though they are fearful, has a very positive effect on the child’s maturity.

General Anaesthetic for Nervous Children

For a select few paediatric patients, however, a general anaesthetic may be the most appropriate and safe way to provide dental treatment. A general anaesthetic ensures that your child is unconscious and free of pain during the dental treatment.

When considering general anaesthetic, our specialists consider a few factors and discuss them with parents prior to treatment. Age, development, or medical history indicate a child’s inability to sufficiently co-operate. This personal information and the extent of the required treatment help determine if general anaesthesia is appropriate.

When general anaesthesia is required, we operate at Harley Street Clinic and The Portland Hospital. Our team works alongside consultant paediatric anaesthetists and experienced nursing staff.

How Parents Can Help Calm Nervous Children

Our paediatric dental team does all we can to alleviate a child’s stress when they visit our practice. At home, there are a few actions parents can take to reduce their child’s fear of visiting the dentist. Some things you can try include:

  • Teaching your child relaxation techniques. Exercises, such as deep breathing, offer your child a way to cope when they’re overwhelmed and afraid.
  • Reinforcing positive behaviour. Small rewards, like stickers, can be used as an incentive to reward brave behaviour.
  • Being a role model. Children may inherit a fear of the dentist from their role models. Maintain positive and encouraging comments about your dentist and encourage them to ask questions about your experience.


Kishor Patel
Really good clinic, very patient with my son who has severe autism. Extremely understanding, going to the dentist is so difficult for my son, it’s just nice when the clinic/practice tries to make the whole process more comfortable
Dani K North London
We we extremely happy with the excellent dental work our son received for a condition that he has. Dr Attari is fantastic and we are very lucky to have her looking after our boys teeth. Highly recommended.
Mother of 3
Dr Attari and her staff are fantastic. We’ve been going for years. Gentle bedside manner and friendly atmosphere. My kids have no anxiety nor discomfort despite a few fillings, orthodontia, etc. which is great... I know some people who avoid the dentist, even as adults, because they associate it with pain.
Fit us in for an emergency appointment without issue. Very relaxed atmosphere. Great with our little one who was a bit overwhelmed, understandably. Put our minds at ease.
Our daughter loves Dr Maria Kalkani, who has a really great way with kids!
They are friendly and very kind with kids. I have received a very good service and they have advised about treatments required by my 10 years old son very well.
Mrs B. D
I always feel my children are so well taken care of at this clinic. All the dentists and hygienists are professional, friendly and very good with children. I used to visit this same clinic as a child and now bring my own kids here- I think that says it all.
Claire L
We saw Maria after our little boy had an accident and cracked his tooth and was in pain, honestly I cannot recommended her enough! Maria made us feel at ease as soon as we walked through the door, she took her time to go through everything with us and took extreme care when removing his little tooth. She was amazing!
Great service. Friendly and competent staff. Happy kids with shiny and clean teeth!

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