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Following dental extractions, your child may feel anxious, and following these instructions which will make the recovery phase more settled and comfortable for your child.

  • Following the extraction, a pressure pack has been placed in your child’s mouth. This is to stop any post operative bleeding. He/she needs to bite on this pack for 5 minutes.
  • Once the pack is removed, there will be some blood in the mouth from the extraction site. This is normal; however, if there is bleeding from the extraction site, place a new piece of gauze and ask your child to bite down for a further 5 minutes. The pressure will stop any further bleeding.
  • There must be no rinsing for 6 hours post-extraction as this will remove the blood clot in the extraction socket and promote bleeding. Eating and drinking is OK as long as care is taken not to bite the soft tissues. Hot food and drink should be avoided as this can cause a burn to the anaesthetised soft tissue in the mouth.
  • After 6 hours, warm salty water is recommended 3 times per day for 3 days post extraction. Bring the kettle to the boil, let it cool down to warm water and add one table spoon of salt to half mug of water and rise. This will prevent infection and promote healing of the extraction site.
  • The extraction socket will take up to 2 weeks to heal. In this time care must be taken to keep the extraction area clean with regular brushing.
  • Should there be any pain after the extraction, Paracetamol (calpol) or Nurofen can be given as per recommendations on the packet.

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